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Thai Sugar Massage




These are the parts of the body that we stimulate with this massage: Sole of the feet, ankles, legs, buttocks, tailbone, back, buttocks, arms, palms of the hands, back stretch.


Body relaxation massage from the beginning to the end of the treatment. We perform it on Tatami in combination with Thai massage techniques. The treatment invites physical and mental detoxification.

Feel how we, the sensual masseuses, slide and slide all over your body full of aromatic oil to its point of heat.

First of all, we anoint various parts of our body with oil. In the first part of the massage, we slide with our knees from the soles of the feet to the buttocks. Sometimes on the sides and other times in the center. All of this with the utmost affection, care and sensuality. They are sensitive parts that must be treated with the utmost professionalism.

In the second part, we move up to our shoulders playing with our entire body bathed in the warm oil. We play with your hands so that from time to time you can feel the heat of our body.

We repeat these movements over and over again, slower and faster. Playing with pressure and the different parts of our body and yours. In this way we awaken your senses and your inner self so that you can enjoy a unique sensory experience.