What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is a service in which a professional masseuse stimulates the client's multiple erogenous zones until bringing them to orgasm without the need for penetration. These massages are mainly based on tantric techniques. Techniques that pursue the achievement of pleasure and the final climax through relaxation and stimulation of all the sensitive points of the body. These growing techniques, well performed, can provide much deeper and more sensorial pleasure than traditional intercourse.

You can find some massage centers, where the service may include sexual relations with the masseuse. This is not the case with Sugar Massage. In some massages there may be an exchange of caresses between client and masseuse, but it is always the professional who indicates it and sets the limits.

What is tantra or tantric techniques?

Tantric sex was born more than 4000 years ago in the eastern lands. Tantric techniques are based on 4 fundamental pillars:

  • 1- Accept yourself and everyone else just as they are: If you don't, you won't be able to enjoy sex or life without complexes.
  • 2- Live every moment with the five senses: You must be fully aware and present in all moments of life to enjoy it to the fullest.
  • 3- Express what you feel and what you think at all times: Communication in sex to convey what you feel and want at all times is crucial for a total experience.
  • 4- Harmonious and fluid movement: Finding the rhythm and energy, matching them with the other person to achieve balance and total connection is key to a very strong sexual experience.

What is the Lingam and the Yoni?

The Lingam: In the tantra world it is what the male sexual organs are known as. It is one of the most important parts to stimulate in an erotic massage, but not the unique.

The Yoni: It is how the female sexual organ is known within the tantric world. As the Lingam is part of the great multitude of points and erogenous zones to be stimulated in a tantric massage.

What is oxytocin and serotonin?

Oxytocin: It is the hormone best known as the hormone of pleasure or love. This is released by our hypothalamus in situations that do not produce pleasure, joy and happiness Current studies show that massages in general and erotic massages in particular, achieve such a level of well-being and stimulation that they trigger the production of oxytocin in our body. You already know, if you want to reach a level of happiness close to falling in love, give yourself a < strong>good and relaxing tantric massage.

Serotonin: This hormone, which is also produced in the brain, directly affects sexual desire, aggressiveness and mood. Various studies have shown that this hormone increases after a massage, causing a significant improvement in mood, a reduction in aggression and sexual urge. Making the individual present a much more positive mood and therefore a better disposition throughout the day.