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Sugar Premium Massage



Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 170 €/h


These are the parts of the body that we stimulate with this massage: Sole of the feet, legs, buttocks, tailbone, back, buttocks, arms.


The techniques and movements that we use in the Sugar Premium massage have been designed with the purpose of enjoying our body and soul. Discover the pleasures of erotic massage through the interaction between two people, giving prominence to the body and the inner energy, it can be something very exciting and pleasurable. We always use the techniques with prior mutual consent and in such a way that the maximum sensitive level is achieved.

This massage is sensual as well as exciting. In it, the masseuses create a very erotic climate so that sensations and emotions flow in abundance.

In the first part of the massage, we focus on creating a bond with the client. We place him face down and cover his entire body from head to toe, breathing and whispering close to her skin. We love to see how the skin crawls and the client writhes between pleasure and stimuli.

Little by little we make her turn her body and we begin to massage her entire body with all parts of ours. Finally we incorporated it to stay very close. We let him interact with us and the bond grows. We let him caress our arms and back gently.

The final point occurs when we turn around and face each other. It is at that moment, with gestures, caresses and looks when the peak occurs.