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Nuru erotic massage by Sugar



Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 170 €/h


These are the parts of the body that we stimulate with this massage: soles of the feet, legs, buttocks, back, shoulders, arms.


'Nuru' means slippery, and that is the main characteristic of this wet and sensual treatment. We move throughout the client's body using all areas of our anatomy. We do not just limit ourselves to using their hands , but we help each other with every part of our body to offer the most erotic experience.

We pursue the sum of ecstasy in this massage and that is why we perform it with a gel of the highest quality so that even the most sensitive people enjoy the experience. The massage ends in a wonderful erotic shower while we do the snake dance for you. A unique and exclusive dance from Sugar Massage.

In this massage the erotic charge is double. We not only perform the most sensual and healthy massage techniques. Not only do we let them interact with us... But we also move throughout the service with maximum eroticism and sensuality so that your eyes do not rest at any time. And all to finish with a comforting erotic shower capable of resurrecting anyone.

In this massage we play with you, but we also allow you to do it a little with us. We let you help us with some chores so that our nets fall. We let you feel the softness of our skin and how we throb in extremely hot situations.

As the experience progresses, so does the level of contact and eroticism. We want you to enjoy two very high points throughout the journey. These two moments are perfectly spaced so that each one is more intense than the last. We will guide you through the entire trip so you don't miss anything

Our expert hands and our sculptured bodies know how to bring out the best in our clientele at all times. At sugar massage, we strive to provide the most professional service. We want you to feel at home and enjoying an exclusive and unparalleled experience.