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Sugar deluxe tantra massage



Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 170 €/h


These are the parts of the body that we stimulate with this massage: Sole of the feet, ankles, legs, buttocks, tailbone, back, arms, palms of the hands, stretching back


The Sugar de Luxe massage is a sensory and exclusive experience that revolves around the tantric couch to end in a sublime way on the classic tatami. It is one of the most erotic expressions that exists and where the client enjoys everyone The massage techniques we use are based on Nuad Thai massage, one of the bases of tantric massage.

In this erotic massage the emotion is palpable from the beginning. The client becomes an accomplice in everything that happens and from the moment he crosses the door the action begins. The level of eroticism, interaction and contact of this massage is one of the highest and hottest. It is a very complete experience and full of sensations. We recommend being relaxed and very focused at all times, since the bombardment of stimuli is constant. This service plays with an element present in many of people's erotic fantasies: costumes and fetishes.

The first part of the experience has something mysterious, since we, the masseuses, leave the client in the shower and tell him that when he finishes he should sit in a chair that we leave in the center of the room. This arouses curiosity and alerts individuals. It is a way to put it in maximum concentration. Soon we appear with a sexy naughty costume, which leaves something to be glimpsed but much more to imagine.

In the most sexy and sensual way we move, caress and play with our guest, we do it with our hands and with elements closely related to erotic scenes that we all remember. The ice cube, the flavor bomb and the essential oils are a very important part of the act. Everything is done gently and slowly, we bring our lips and body closer so that the client can smell and feel how we throb with excitement and pleasure.

We play with elements of clothing such as sarongs to show and hide the most secret areas, we play with the contact and friction of the skin, with sighs, with breathing, all to create an atmosphere in which to get lost for a long time. time. We want our companion's body to forget about the outside world and problems and concentrate on feeling and enjoying the most exciting stimuli.

New positions, new contacts, more looks and whispers increasingly closer to the erogenous points in search of the best erotic experience in Madrid.